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Democracy model, Benin is a stable country that has the assets and resources necessary to become an area of ​​economic development and social progress

A strategic position

Spreading over 670 km from the Niger River to the Gulf of Guinea, Benin enjoys a particularly advantageous geostrategic position in West Africa. The economic zones (free, industrial, special), the road network and the port of Cotonou thus occupy a central place in the commercial transit of the region, offering access to the sea for many neighboring landlocked countries (Burkina, Niger, Mali , Chad), and benefiting from the proximity of Nigeria. More generally, the country is an essential crossroads, which constitutes a serious advantage for its development strategy in the years to come.

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A unique heritage

Cradle of culture, arts and civilization Voodoo and the former kingdom of Dahomey, Benin has a unique historical, cultural and architectural heritage in West Africa. Its coastline, the diversity of its landscapes and its natural parks (Pendjari - Regional Park W), the remains and memory of the slave trade in Ouidah, its royal palaces of Abomey and their archaeological sites that date back thousands of years, its city lacustrine, the largest in Africa (Ganvié) and its seaside and lagoon cities, also constitute a unique natural heritage, just waiting to be revealed.

Carried by a dynamic, educated and well-trained youth, often referred to as the Latin Quarter of Africa, Benin occupies a special place in West Africa thanks to the wealth of its artistic and intellectual life.

Promising growth

Benin posted an average economic growth of 4.1% over the period 2001-2016 then a solid growth rate of 5.4% in 2017 and plans to reach 7.1% by 2021. C ' is one of the highest growth rates in the region, above average growth in sub-Saharan Africa of 4.5%. This growth did not come at the expense of macroeconomic equilibrium since the country had a fiscal deficit of 2.2% of GDP in 2016.

Benin Revealed

Benin proudly displays its ambitions in the digital economy. The Government aims to use ICTs as a catalyst for Benin's economic dynamics and modernization to accelerate economic growth and social inclusion by 2021. The medium-term challenge is to make the country a platform of digital services for all of West Africa.

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