The digital economy

Benin proudly displays its ambitions in the digital economy. The Government aims to use ICTs as a catalyst for Benin's economic dynamics and modernization to accelerate economic growth and social inclusion by 2021. The medium-term challenge is to make the country a platform digital services for all of West Africa.


Ministry of Digital Economy and Communication 

The Ministry of the Digital Economy and Communication is responsible for the design, implementation, monitoring and evolution of the State's general policy on digital economy, communication and postal services, in accordance with the international conventions, laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Benin. To this end, it is primarily responsible for developing and implementing and monitoring and evaluating the national policy for the development of the digital economy and communication and for defining and implementing the access strategy to universal service of telecommunications, information technology and postal services.

The Ministry is composed of a Cabinet Office, the General and Economic Directorate and the Post Office, the General Directorate of Media and Structural Trustees, including the Office of Radio and Broadcasting of Benin, the National Office of Printing and Press, Benin Post, Benin Presse Agency, Beninese Agency for Universal Service of Electronic Communications and Post, and Benin Télécoms Infrastructure.

Since 2017, the current Minister of the Numerical Economy and Communication is Mrs. Aurelie ADAM SOULE ZOUMAROU



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Services Agency and Information System

The Information Services and Systems Agency (ASSI) is the national entity in charge of the operational implementation of programs and projects within the framework of strategies for the development of secure digital information services and systems in Benin.
It ensures the execution of flagship projects related to Smart Administration (Smart Gouv), e-commerce, dematerialization, and all those supported by Information Systems and Services (SSI).
As such, the ASSI has piloted projects such as: e-visa, overhaul and modernization of the information system of the National Assembly, the optimization of the network of the General Directorate of the ORTB.


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Agency for the Development of Digital

The Agency for the Development of the Numeric, or ADN, is a public establishment of social character officially created according to the decree N ° 2017 - 574 of December 13th, 2017, approving its statutes. Operational since November 2017, it is managed by Serge ADJOVI, as Managing Director.

ADN, as an autonomous executing agency, is responsible for the implementation of the national digital strategy, in particular the High Speed ​​Broadband Infrastructure (HD) and High Speed ​​Broadband (HDR) components, as defined. by the Digital Council and the Government.

It provides by delegation the project management of all the projects allowing the coverage of the national territory by the networks giving access to Internet and its digital services of quality.

The seat of the DNA is located in Cotonou, in the annex of the presidency, sis former primature.



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Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts

ARCEP-Benin is an autonomous management and implementation structure charged with providing support to the digital sector, ensuring market regulation and scarce resources, and ensuring the protection of the rights and interests of users of telecommunications. electronic communications and postal services.

Inspired and guided by the major orientations of the Government of Benin through the recovery plan of the Benin SA Post Office and the Declaration of Sector Policies (DPS), its vision is to make ARCEP-Benin a strong regulatory institution and reference that promotes the development of a digital economy in Benin.


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Beninese Agency of the Universal Service of Electronic Communications and Post

A national entity of social, scientific and cultural character, the Beninese Agency of the Universal Service of Electronic Communications and Post (ABSU-CEP) aims to make electronic communications and postal services an important lever for economic and social growth. poverty reduction.

To this end, it draws up the specifications, ensures the financing and implementation of the programs of the Universal Service of Electronic Communications and the Post Office on behalf of the State, the management of investment operations financed by the State in the field of the Universal Service of Electronic Communications and Post.

It contributes to building the capacity of human resources in accordance with the policy of development of electronic communications and the post office.


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